About Us

Maple House is a community based, purpose built, independent rehabilitation service for men with complex mental health needs including acquired brain injury. It is situated in the heart of Warrington with excellent transport links and is easily accessible. We focus on nurturing a positive and therapeutic environment that enables recovery and helps people fulfil their individual potential.


Maple House is a 21 bed inpatient service that provides high quality, holistic, person-centred rehabilitative care and specialised treatment for men with complex mental health needs due to mental illness and/or acquired brain injury.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable each of the men in our care to achieve meaningful and sustainable recovery and fulfil his individual potential to the maximum extent. We help them make positive change in their lives and to gain greater independence, long-term mental wellbeing and successful reintegration into their community at their earliest opportunity.

We Offer

We offer an effective alternative to higher levels of secure care and aim to make a positive difference in the lives of all those we support. With an individualised, person centred approach; we can tailor the rehabilitation programme to the goals of the men in our care. Where appropriate and agreed, we can also provide a managed individualised pathway to our affiliate supported living service.

Service Inclusion Criteria

Males aged 18 years plus.

Informal, Detained under the Mental Health Act or Mental capacity Act

Complex mental health needs due to mental illness or acquired brain injury

May have more than one diagnosis

May be deemed a risk to themselves and/or others

May have a history of treatment resistance

Deemed suitable for rehabilitation in a non-secure setting

“Maple House is a lovely place to be and all the staff are kind and caring”


“The staff are really good because they help me to do different activities”


“Thanks for all your hard work, as well as the fantastic care staff, who all seem to be really concerned and helpful”


“Maple House has been the best place for my family member to integrate into the community”


Our Team

  • Our experienced multidisciplinary team (MDT) includes:
    • Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
    • Clinical Nurses
    • Support workers
    • Counselling Psychologist
    • Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology
    • Occupational Therapist and OT assistants
    • Visiting GP/Advanced Nurse Practitioner
    • Speech and Language Therapist